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Elizabeth Township


Township newsletters are mailed to all registered voters and landowners in Elizabeth Township. Please let us know if your address changes. If you know someone who is not receiving a newsletter, but would like to receive one, please contact Zlata Garrison at 937-335-3822 or at Zlata.Garrison@335-etcc.com.

A Word From The Trustees………

Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions and/or concerns about the township. We also welcome you to attend Township Meetings which are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month at the Township Building.

Your Elizabeth Township Trustees

Elizabeth Township Community Center

Our summer programs guides should be in your homes. If you haven’t received one please give us a call at 335-3822 to include you on the mailing list. Some events to look forward to in June include a Corn Hole Tournament, June 24th at 7 pm, free for members, non members $1, and a Jams and Jellies class on June 16 at 6 pm, members $10 and non members $15. July we have Adult CPR, First Aid, Babysitting Class, Beginning Sewing for ages 10 to 14 and Chuck’s Sharpening Service. Check out our fitness classes, Bookmobile, Senior Club Luncheon programs, Card Club, Bingo and Garden Clubs as well. Don’t forget our track is 3 times around for a mile or 2 figure 8’s a mile and you don’t need to be a member.

For more information on these and other programs please contact Nic Rice at nic.rice@335-etcc.com or by calling us at 335-ETCC (3822).

Walnut Grove Learning Center

Enroll now for preschool classes at Walnut Grove Learning Center!

WGLC is a state licensed early childhood program. We serve children ages 3-5 years, providing quality classes that focus on preschool state standards and project work. Children are encouraged to share ideas, use their imaginations, and develop and test theories as they collaborate with one another. Through this work they gain confidence and independence in preparation for future schooling and beyond. Visit our website at www.wglc. info, or call us at 339-2189 to schedule a tour and learn more about our program.

Elizabeth Township Farmland Preservation

The Township Trustees have been facing the same issues with the poor economical climate that all of us are facing and have resolved to take a hard look at all of the costs associated with managing the township finances. With this in mind the Trustees have voted to suspend taking any new farmland preservation applications until such time that the economy improves. The Trustees are reviewing all of the applications that we have from December 2010 and February 2011 with the goal of taking these applications all the way to closing, sometime in early 2012.

The four applications that we took for the June-2010 sign-up are nearing their closing dates. The title searches are complete and the appraisals have been submitted, reviewed, and approved by NRCS. We hope to close all of these within the next six to eight weeks and the landowners will have their preservation funds. These four applications will add more than 654 acres to the farmland in our township that has been preserved as agricultural land for our future generations.

We have seven landowners who applied in December 2010 and one landowner who applied in February 2011. The Township just received notification from USDA-NRCS that the 50% cost share funds for the purpose of preserving these farms is now obligated for these applications and is awaiting completion of all of the paperwork needed for these farms to be preserved. If approved by the township, they will be funded at the 25% level by the township making the total cost share 75% of the appraised value of the easement.

Even though we are not currently taking new applications, we are interested in talking with any township farm owner who would like to learn more about the farmland preservation program. If interested, please contact any of the Trustees, the township office 335-1920, or Randy Mott, Farmland Preservation Chairman 545-8772 for more information.

Elizabeth Township Historical Museum

The museum continues to get donations and requests for information about our community and schools. We just received complete uniforms from WWII with all the boots, caps, gear, and medals. Eight Miami East yearbooks were donated. Stories and pictures from people continue to come in.

I am looking for information on the Elizabeth classes from 1919 through 1937. This was before yearbooks so information on these classes is slim. Please look through your pictures and newspaper clippings and scrapbooks to see if you have any of these items. We will scan and make copies and get them back to your quickly.

The museum belongs to all of us and we would like for you to visit if you haven’t been here for a while. Call me or let the Center know if you would like to schedule a visit. We also would like for your help if you are interested in helping in any way. Let me know your interests and I am sure I can find a job for you. Audrey Phillis 339-5209.

Contact Us

Township newsletters are mailed to all registered voters and landowners in Elizabeth Township. Please let us know if your address changes. If you know someone who is not receiving a newsletter, but would like to receive one, please contact Nic Rice at 937-335-3822 or at nic.rice@335-etcc.com.

Trustees meet at 7 P.M. on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the township house. If you would like to be placed on a meeting’s agenda, please contact the township trustee office with as much advance notice as possible.


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